Thursday, 5 March 2015

I am a Shopaholic???

These days with so many online shopping websites, I rarely go out anymore. I'd rather be in my office ...opssssss during my boss not around time only k....d most comfortable with pajamas, sit on my bed with a cup of coffee/Hot choclate in my hand and browse through shopping websites and click what to buy! I find it so therapeutic that I do it almost everyday now! hehe. Plus, it's 24 hours so I can shop at my own schedule and don't have to drag myself out, take a train...walking around and with crowds and lines some more... when I can just get the same item delivered to my door within days!Yessss I am Shopaholic... website I use to shop are I prefer walk in to the boutique to try at my own...more satistify
Feel more satify when we can try 1st then only buy it...

My Favo Boutique..Z.A.W.AR.A

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  1. But I still prefer to go to the boutique for shopping. more satsfied I think because I can try, observe the material and so on. But by end of the day, it is depend on the person it self..Enjoy ur shooping..